Born February 2, 1988

Beginning with doodling during class, my love for art grew over time until I decided in high school that it was what I wanted to focus on. I would work on my own projects during study halls and after school. Painting was what really interested me, but I also took on other mediums such as sculpture, pastels, etc.. Growing up on video games, I also became interested in game development. I've always loved photography as well. I grew up surrounded cameras being the son of a photographer.

I set my sights high and I don't give up until I reach them. With each project I push myself more and more, seeing the mistakes I've made in the past and learning from them. I am a varied artist. I like to try new and interesting methods and subject matter with each project. The strongest emphasis I put on my work is a dynamic composition, something that will catch the attention of the viewer. Color and style are very important to me. I like to use bright, vibrant colors in my work. I am an abstract thinker, putting less emphasis on making something look realistic and more on making it look visually striking. Originality is also something I strive for with everything I do. Science fiction and fantasy are by far my favorite subjects. I live in my mind where anything is possible.

After studying and practicing for years I have improved greatly and I will continue to grow as an artist. I do not see limits. Each year I take huge steps forward. There is much I want to achieve and I will never stop moving forward.


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